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Part I. Vocabulary and Structure (40point)
  Directions:there are 40 incomplete sentences in this part,for each sentences there four choices marked a,b,c,and d. Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence and tick it off on the answer sheet.
1. With oil prices keeping ______, people are hesitating whether to buy a car or not.
A. rising        B. arising      C. raising        D. arousing
2. We were very disappointed at the ______ to our advertisement, and our products didn’t sell well.
A. replies       B. response         C. answers        D. words
3. My suggestion yesterday was that a meeting ______ to discuss the matter.
A. should hold         B. must be held       C. would be held       D. be held
4. This is one of the best books _____ on the subject. 
 A. that have ever been written             B. which have ever been written 
 C. that has ever been written              D. whatever have been written
5. _____ you don’t know the rule won’t be a sufficient excuse for your failure.
A. It is    B. That   C. Because   D. What
6. No one can possibly recall any detail about the meeting. It is at least five years since it______. 
 A. had taken place  B. was taken place  C. took place  D. was taking place  
7. Some people like drinking coffee, for it has _____ effects.
A. promoting    B. stimulating    C. enhancing   D. encouraging
8.   After the war , a new school building was put up _____ there had once been a theatre.
A. that   B. where   C. which   D. when
9. A modern city has been set up in _____ was a wasteland ten years ago .
A. what   B. which   C. that    D. where
10. Professor Smith, along with his assistants, ______ on the project day and night to meet the deadline.
A. work       B. working    C. is working      D. are working
11. The president spoke at the business meeting for nearly an hour without ______ his notes.
A. bringing up     B. referring to       C. looking for     D. trying on
12. The Internet has brought ______ big changes in the way we work.
A. about       B. out      C. back      D. up
13. Her brother ______ to leave her in the dark room alone when she disobeyed his order.
A. declared       B. threatened      C. warned      D. exclaimed
14. A man is being questioned in relation to the ______ murder.
A. advised      B. attended      C. attempted      D. admired
15. Modern plastics can ______ very high and very low temperatures.
A. stand          B. hold        C. carry          D. support
16. The news quickly spread through the village ______ the war had ended.
   A. which     B. what          C. that        D. where
17. We hurried to the station ______ find ourselves three hours earlier for the train.
   A. only to    B. in order to      C. so as to    D. such as to
18. I meant ______ you , but I’m afraid I forgot.
   A. ringing   B. being ringing    C. to ringing    D. to ring
19. Because of many mistakes, she was made ______ these letters again.
   A. type    B. to typing    C. typed    D. to type
20. He began by showing us where the country was and went on _______ us about its climate.
A. telling    B. to tell    C. to telling    D. to be told
21. Once _____ of the necessity of a move, he worked hard to find a new home.
   A. convinced    B. be convinced    C. convincing    D. having convinced
22. So many representatives _______ , the conference had to be put off.
   A. were absent    B. to be absent   C. being absent    D. had been absent
23. In no case _____ the students from exploring new ideas.
   A. we should prevent   B. we could prevent   C. should we prevent   D. shouldn’t prevent
24. I don’t think it advisable that Tom _____ to the job since he has no experience.
   A. be assigned   B. is assigned   C. will be assigned   D. has been assigned
25. With all this work on hand, she ______ to the dance party last night.
   A. oughtn’t to go    B. hadn’t gone   C. shouldn’t have gone   D. mustn’t have gone
26. As Christmas was coming, the town began a ______ clearing on a large scale.
   A. through    B. thorough   C. though   D. thought
27. The river here is very wide but ____, so you can walk across it.
A. narrow    B. arrow    C. shallow   D. hollow
28. The streets were empty ____ the policemen on duty.
   A. besides               B. except              C. excepting            D. except for
29. –How did you pay the workers?
    –As a rule , they were paid by ______.
   A. the hour              B. an hour              C. hour                 D. the time  
30.____ of the students in our class are from the north.
  A. Two ninth              B. Second ninth        C. Second nines           D. Two ninths
31. My father has classes ____ day: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  A. each other               B. every other          C. this and the other        D. all other
32. He talks as if he ________everything in the world.  
A. knows                   B. knew               C. had known              D. would have known  
33. I’d _______ you didn’t touch that, if you don’t mind.  
A. rather              B. better               C. happier              D. further  
34. The magnificent museum is said______ about a hundred years ago.  
A. to be built           B. to have been built  
C. to have built        D. to have being built  
35. The ability _____is very important for any speaker.  
A. to hear clearly      B. to be clearly heard  
C. to hearing clearly  D. to being clearly heard  
36. We all feel sorry for __________for so long after your arrival. 
 A. keep you waiting  B. having kept you waiting  
C. waiting for you     D. keep you wait  
37.At that time, the poor girl can't but ______all her belongings at a low price. 
  A. to sell  B. sell  C. selling   D. sold  
38. How the fire in the dancing hall started _________ a mystery. 
  A. to remain  B. remains  C. remain  D. is remaining  
39.  I will never forget the ten years _________ we both spent in the little village. 
  A. when  B. during which  C. which  D. in which  
40. The United States is composed of fifty states, two of____  are separated from the others by land
or water.  
    A them    B that   C which   D those  
Part II. Cloze(20point) (2000年北京成人本科学士学位英语)
Directions:There are 20 blanks in this part. For each blank there are four choices marked a, b , c and d. Choose the best one and tick it off on the ANSWER SHEET.
Tourism has become a very big _41___. For Spain, Italy and Greece it is the largest_42___of foreign exchange, and _43___for Britain, it is the fourth. Faced __44__ this huge new income, no government can afford to look __45__ on the business; questions of hotel
bath rooms, beach umbrellas and ice-cream sales are now __46__by ministers of tourism
with solemn expertise. Before the Second World War the tourist industry was widely __47_ as being unmanly and stupid. But __48__has become a new industry, as trade business
used __49___; in Spain, Italy, Greece and much of Eastern Europe, new road __50___have opened up in the country, first to tourists, and __51___ to industry and locals.
__52___of tourism is a nationalized industry, a __53___ part of national planning. In a place west of Marseilles, the French government is killing mosquitoes and __54__ six big vacation places to__55___nearly a million tourists. In Eastern Europe, a whole new seaside __56__ has sprung up __57____the last few years: the governments have greatly __58___
when tourists from the West __59___from half a million four years __60___to nearly two million last year.
41. A. firm        B. business   C. company   D. affair
42. A. factor       B. resource   C. source     D. cause 
43. A. even        B. yet       C. also       D. ever 
44. A. in front of     B. of        C. with      D. for
45. A. up          B. at        C. for        D. down      
46. A. determined   B. discussed   C. argued     D. sold 
47. A. regarded     B. said      C. talked      D. spread
48. A. agriculture   B. war       C. tourism     D. education 
49. A. be done     B. done      C. to do       D. to doing
50. A. types        B. styles     C. buildings    D. systems  
51. A. than        B. later      C. then        D. latter 
52. A. Many       B. All       C. None       D. Much
53. A. key        B. minor     C. linking      D. questioning
54. A. built       B. building    C. to be built    D. have built 
55. A. attract      B. pull      C. hold         D. contain 
56. A. civilization  B. culture    C. writing       D. book 
57. A. over       B. for        C. after         D. beyond 
58. A. suffered    B. lost       C. invested      D. benefited
59. A. added      B. divided    C. reduced      D. multiplied
60. A. since       B. before     C. ago         D. after
Part III .Reading Comprehension(40point)
Direction: Each of the passage below is followed by five question. For each question there are four answers marked a, b , c, and d. Choose the best answer to each of the question and tick it off on the ANSWER SHEET
Passage one
In ancient times the most important examinations were spoken, not written. In the schools of ancient Greece and Rome , testing usually consisted of saying poetry aloud or giving speeches.
In the European universities of the Middle Ages, students who were working for advanced degrees had to discuss questions in their field of study with people who had made a special study of the subject. This custom exists today as part of the process of testing candidates for the doctor's degree.
Generally, however, modern examinations are written. The written examination, where all students are tested on the same question, was probably not known until the nineteenth century.  
Perhaps it came into existence with the great increase in population and the development
of modern industry. A room full of candidates for a state examination, timed exactly by electric clocks and carefully watched over by managers ,resembles a group of workers at an automobile factory. Generally, during examinations teachers and students are expected to act
like machines.
One type of test is sometimes called an "objective" test. It is intended to deal with facts, not personal opinions. To make up an objective test the teacher writes a series of questions, each of which has only one correct answer. Along with each question the teacher writes the correct answer and also three statements that look like correct answers to students who have not learned the material properly.
61. In the Middle Ages students_________. 
 A. took objective tests                      B. specialized in one subject 
 C. were timed by electric clocks          D. never wrote exams 
62. The main idea of paragraph 3 is that_________. 
 A. workers now take examination            B. the population has grown 
 C. there are only written exams              D. examinations are now written and timed 
63. The kind of exams where students must select answers are_________. 
 A. personal  B. spoken  C. objective  D. written 
64. Modern industry must have developed_________. 
 A. before the Middle Ages  B. around the 19th century 
 C. in Greece or Rome        D. machines to take tests 
65. It may be concluded that testing_________. 
 A. should test only opinions                    B. should always be written 
 C. has changed since the Middle Ages            D. is given only in factories  
Passage two 
     The market investigation is indispensable to sales promotion. They are closely related as the lips and teeth, so to speak. What you produce is for sale on the market. It would be impossible to succeed in selling a product without first investigating the market.
In the international market, goods on sale coming from different countries and suppliers are always facing keen competition. Under such circumstances, they will try everything possible to familiarize themselves with the market conditions. In making investigations, we ought to get information about what similar items the competitors are offering on the market, what prices they are quoting (报价), what features their products have, who are their regular customers, etc. Then, how can we obtain such information? There are many channels that we can make use of in doing this sort of work. The commercial counselor's offices of our embassies stationed abroad can help us in making market investigations. Nowadays, our import and export corporations send their trade groups abroad every now and then. One of their purposes is to make market surveys on the spot.
Certainly, face-to-face talks with foreign businessmen are also important channels to get market information. The Chinese Export Commodities Fairs and some other fairs of similar nature as well as visits of foreign businessmen provide us with such opportunities. Of course , there are some other ways of making market investigations.
66. In making market investigation , one should_________.
A. get enough information concerned            B. advertise his products
C. produce high quality goods                     D. none of the above  
67. The word "indispensable" in the first line means_________. 
 A. impossible  B. essential  C. advisable  D. available  
68. Which of the following statements is not true? 
A. The relationship between market investigation and sales promotion is just as that of the lips and teeth. 
B. It is impossible to succeed in selling a product without market investigation. 
C. There are various ways of making market investigation. 
D. Production goes before market investigation.  
69. Making market investigation is very important Because_________. 
 A. in market, goods on sale are numerous     B. every producer is facing keen competition
 C. it can greatly promote sales                     D. all of the above
70. All the following are channels to get market information except _________. 
 A. to have commercial counselor’s office of our embassies stationed abroad 
 B. to promote the quality of our own products 
 C. to send trade groups abroad every now and then 
 D. to have face-to-face talks with foreign businessmen 
Passage three 
   On November 19, 1863, Abraham Lincoln went to Gettysburg in Pennsylvania to speak at the National Soldiers Cemetery. The Civil War was still going on. There was much criticism of President Lincoln at the time. He was not at all popular. He had been invited to speak at Gettysburg only out of politeness. The principal speaker was to be Edward Everett, a famous statesman and speaker of the day. Everett was a handsome man and very popular everywhere.
It is said that Lincoln prepared his speech on the train while going to Gettysburg. Late that night, alone in his hotel room and tired out, he again worked briefly on the speech. The next day Everett spoke first. He spoke for an hour and 57 minutes. His speech was a perfect example of the rich oratory of the day. Then Lincoln rose. The crowd of 15,000 people at first paid little attention to him. He spoke for only nine minutes. At the end there was little applause. Lincoln turned to a friend and remarked , "I have failed again." On the train back to Washington, he said sadly, "That speech was a flat failure, and the people are disappointed."
Some newspapers at first criticized the speech. But little by little as people read the speech they began to understand better. They began to appreciate its simplicity and its deep meaning. It was a speech which only Abraham Lincoln could have made.
Today, every American school child learns Lincoln's Gettysburg Address by heart. Now everyone thinks of it as one of the greatest speeches ever given in American history.
71. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln was_________. 
 A. very critical  B. unpopular  C. very popular  D. very courteous  
72. Lincoln was invited to speak at the National Soldiers Cemetery because he was_______.
 A. a famous speaker      B. a very handsome man  
C. President of the country    D. a popular statesman  
73. It can be inferred from the text that_________.
A. Lincoln prepared his speech very carefully before he went to Gettysburg 
B. Lincoln was very busy at the time and didn't have much time to prepare his speech
C. Lincoln's speech was full of rich words 
D. Lincoln's speech was very long  
74. It was a fact that Lincoln's speech was _________. 
A. an immediate success B. warmly applauded  
C. a total failure D. not well-received at first  
75. Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the passage? 
 A. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address has deep meaning. 
 B. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is simple in style. 
 C. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is memorized by every American school child. 
D. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is the greatest speech ever delivered in the United States.  
Passage four 
     Animals seem to have the sense to eat when they are hungry and they do not eat more than their bodies need. It has been demonstrated that rats will, when given a choice over a period of time, prefer water with vitamins to water without vitamins even though there is no difference in taste or smell between the two water bottles. When a fragrant flavor was added to the vitamin-enriched fluid, the rats did seem to develop a taste for it and kept drinking it ,even after the vitamins were switched to the clear water. In time, however ,they broke the habit and went back to where the necessary vitamins were.
In a classic experiment, babies of 6 to 12 months old were placed in a cafeteria feeding arrangement, with a wide selection of baby food before them. They were given whatever food they pointed to or appeared interested in. We are told that at first they showed some unusual eating patterns, but that over a period of time they managed to select well-balanced diet.
So, in selecting food, rats and babies do seem to know and act on what's best for them. Apparently, there is a kind of "body wisdom," which humans soon lose. Most of us do not eat as wisely as we could. Many of our food preferences are culturally determined and influenced by long-established habits. Some people eat fox, dog and blackbirds ,while we eat cows and pigs. So what people eat and how much they eat seems to be greatly influenced by what is going on around them.  
76. In the experiment on rats, a fragrant flavor was added to the rat's drinking water to___.
A. encourage rats to drink vitamin-enriched water    
B. find out rats preference in flavor 
C. test whether rats know which drink is good for them  
D. demonstrate that vitamins are tasteless 
77. The expression "the habit" (para.1, sentence 4) refers to drinking water which_________.
 A. has no smell  B. is tasteless  C. has vitamins  D. is flavored  
78. According to the passage ,adults eating habits differ from those of babies because_____.
 A. adults know better than babies what kind of food are good for their health 
 B. adults usually cannot resist the temptation of various delicious foods 
 C. adults' eating habits are closely related to the social and cultural customs 
 D. adults have more choices of food than babies in eating patterns 
79. The author implied in the passage that most of us_________. 
  A. eat a balanced diet   
B. choose the food that is of nutrition              
C. have the habits influenced by the surroundings 
D. like to eat the food with a fragrant flavor  
80. As far as their eating habits are concerned, babies and rats are similar in that______. 
A. both have the wisdom to choose a balanced diet    B. both prefer flavored food and drink
C. both have the same eating patterns      D. both develop a taste for the same kinds of flavors  
Part IV. Translation .  ( 30point )
Section A: Directions: There are 10 sentences in this section. Please translate sentences 81-85 from Chinese into English, and translate sentences 86-90 from English into Chinese. Write your answer on the Answer Sheet.
81  我们向李先生学习,因为他有丰富的工作经验。
86. The advantages and disadvantages of a large population have long been a subject of discussion among economists .
87.When a hungry man gets a meal, he begins to think about an overcoat, when a manager gets a new sports car, a big house and pleasure boats dance into view.
88.For instance, when in a new situation, an intelligent person thinks about the situation, not about himself or what might happen to him.
89.Thus, those who ran the most ate most, yet lost the greatest amount of body fat.
90. How parents talk to their children makes a big difference in the children’s language development. If a parent encourages the child to actively respond to what the parent is reading, the child’s language skills increase.
Section B: Directions: There are 2 dialogues in this section. Each has 5 sentences. Please translate Dialogue One from Chinese into English and translate Dialogue Two from English into Chinese. Write your answer on the Answer Sheet.
Dialogue One
Dialogue Two
96.A: How much is this white shirt?
97.B: 198 yuan, you can try it on.
98.A: It’s bit large. Have you got something like this but of a smaller size?
99.B: How about this one? It’s S.
100.A: It’s nice. I’ll take it.
Part V.  Writing  (20points).
Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on topic My View on Opportunity(机会). You must base your composition on the following instructions (given in Chinese):
1. 有些人认为机会是极少的,
2. 另一些人则认为人人都有某种机会。
3. 我的看法。

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